Pure Marine Collagen

By the time you reach 45, collagen levels can be 30% lower than when you were 25, which can lead to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well impacting joint and bone health. MaxMedix Pure Marine Collagen is naturally derived product that features more than 1700mg of NatiCol® Collagen, which is known to hold high levels of both oligo-peptides and essential amino acids.

  • Marine Collagen can be absorbed 1.5 times more effectively
  • High strength 1755mg serving
  • Pure grade extract, sourced from Pangasius and Tilapia fish
  • Free from artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners and preservatives
  • Made in the UK and GMP Certified

Collagen is a major protein, found in connecting tissues and more than 75% of all skin. It is responsible for maintaining tone, suppleness and elasticity. Pure Marine Collagen has been designed to support collagen as you become older, when your body synthesises less of this protein.

  • Type


  • Quantity

    90 Capsules

  • Dosage

    3 capsules a day

  • Duration

    30 days

Pure Marine Collagen

90 Capsules | High-Potency Supplement

Pure Marine Collagen

90 Capsules | High-Potency Supplement


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