Fat Binder

Scientifically proven to be more effective than dieting alone, Fat Binder is a weight loss aid that has been found to stop the body from absorbing excess fat and calories. Clinical trials have found just two capsules can bind up to 6000 times its own weight, meaning it can absorb up 60 grams of fat. As a result it is 380% more effective than the next Fat Binder on the market.

  • A weight loss aid backed by medical claims
  • Designed to treat and prevent excess weight
  • Found to bind 6000% of its own weight in fat
  • Far superior to the next Fat Binder available
  • CE Certified and does not require a prescription

Don’t settle for second best, the main active ingredient is Lipomyl™ Chitosan, which is unique to our Fat Binder. It sets our supplement apart and what makes this product 380 times more effective than the nearest competitor.

  • Type

    Hard capsule

  • Quantity

    30 / 150 capsules

  • Duration

    5 days / 30 days

  • Dosage

    6 capsules a day

Fat Binder

1000mg Capsules | Natural Fat Blocker For Weight Loss


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