Candida Support Capsules

Have you been feeling run down, experiencing digestive discomfort or had a yeast infection recently? Often it is the result of high levels of Candida, a type of yeast that occurs in the body, which is to blame. Candida Support is a premium grade, natural, daily supplement that has been created to help rebalance these levels and work to restore healthy, regular body function.

  • Helps contribute to normal candida levels
  • Shown to maintain healthy bacterial balance
  • Unique blend of probiotics and natural ingredients
  • Suitable for women and men
  • Vegetarian friendly and suitable for coeliac

Candida is an important organism that your body uses to aid digestion and proper nutrient absorption, but if the levels are disrupted, it can cause problems. Candida Support is here for you to help get things back in order, without any fuss.

  • Type


  • Quantity


  • Dosage

    2 capsules a day

  • Duration

    30 days

Candida Support Capsules

60 Capsules | Probiotic Food Supplement


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