Brain Complex

It has long been established that B and C vitamins can help contribute to mental performance. Brain Complex is packed with these minerals, as well as a host of other potent natural ingredients, which work together to look after psychological function. This daily supplement has also been engineered with stimulants, such as caffeine, to reduce fatigue and work to give you improved alertness.

  • Formulated with vitamins B, C and E
  • Helps to maintain mental function
  • Contributes to alertness and attention
  • Made in the UK to high GMP standards
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

While there are many supplements out there for weight loss, there are few good quality products available for psychological performance available. This makes Brain Complex a one of a kind item; designed to help boost your mental function.

  • Type


  • Quantity


  • Duration

    30 days

  • Dosage

    2 capsules a day

Brain Complex

85mg 60 Capsules | Mental Performance Supplement

Brain Complex

85mg 60 Capsules | Mental Performance Supplement


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