About us

maxmedix has grown into a pan-European brand, with a large range of premium products. Discover more about this leading brand here.

About Us

The idea for maxmedix was born in 2010, when superfoods started making their mark on the weight loss industry. At the time, there was a lot of buzz surrounding extracts such as Green Coffee but there were no premium products that offered high quality, purity and strength available.

After careful research, design and development, we released our first product, Green Coffee Pure. This quickly became a best seller in most of Europe, as people preferred to use a superior grade product, to a cheaply made alternative.

Every item that we have launched since has been created with this same process and we have grown to have a collection of more than 30 unique products, catering for weight management, health, wellbeing and more.


Our Range

Unlike a lot of other brands you might see, we are not afraid to spend time putting together the very best products to bring to market.

Everything you see in our collection is created following careful analysis and research into market trends, emerging active ingredients and social media developments.

As well as this, we place the utmost priority on quality. maxmedix engineer the formulations of each and every item, using natural extracts sourced from all over the world. We have great confidence in the herbs, plants and fruits that we use, as they have often been used within traditional medicines for hundreds, if not thousands of years.


Our People

The team behind maxmedix is what shapes and moulds our brand. We are a collection of people with a passion for wellbeing and just look to keep healthy ourselves.

If one of us sees something new on a blog or on social media and see a lot of potential in it, we instantly set about looking if we can develop a quality product, based on it. What’s more, when something new does arrive at the office, we are the first to try it, to see how it might help our customers, as well as ourselves.

Our people use their own experiences and you can be assured that there is nothing in our range that we do not personally love and enjoy using.


Our products have been put together using teams of people who understand natural ingredients. Established since 2010, we have put together a range of beauty, cosmetic and personal care products that will help improve your well being following many years of active research into the benefits of thousands of plants and herbs.