Coconut Splash

Just once sachet of Coconut Splash everyday can help you to achieve that picture perfect, brilliant white smile you’ve always wanted. Each sachet brings together just two ingredients; coconut and peppermint oils, which you use just like a mouthwash. Rinsing your mouth with oil for only 15 minutes, a process called oil pulling, can draw out toxins from the mouth and body.

  • Helps pull toxins from the mouth for fresher breath
  • Shown to improve whiteness and brightness
  • Contains only two 100% natural ingredients
  • Suitable for vegans, coeliac and lactose intolerant
  • 14 day programme

For literally hundreds of years, oil pulling has been a technique used to clean and detoxify. Coconut Splash is a modern update on this ancient method, made to be quick and easy to do, and take advantage of.

  • Type

    Oil Sachet

  • Quantity

    14 Sachets

  • Dosage

    1 Sachet a day

  • Duration

    14 Days

Coconut Splash

140ml | Oral Oil Pulling in Coconut Flavour

Coconut Splash

140ml | Oral Oil Pulling in Coconut Flavour


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